When relocating your staff either internally or to a new location, it’s imperative that packing and tagging are managed appropriately. Companies have the option to either use cardboard boxes or plastic moving containers. Each have their pros and cons.

Cardboard boxes are cheap and wont accrue a weekly rental fee if kept longer than originally anticipated. It’s important to note that you must also estimate and purchase packing tape and hope that each employee assembles and secures boxes properly. Each box would then have to be collected, flattened and sent to a recycling centre or landfill.

Commercial plastic moving containers are cleaned after each use, are durable, affordable, secure,  waterproof and reduce landfill waste.

Porter Office Services will estimate the quantity of bins required based on content volumes of each employee. Each bin is equipped with 2 secure ties and labels to note employee name and new location number. At the completion of your move Porter would gather, count  and remove all bins from your new home.

Porter Office Services and The Movers Choice have been partners in supplying plastic moving containers for almost 20 years! Tim Rowley and his staff have been instrumental in our growth from the very beginning by ensuring that all bins are cleaned and ready for our next customer. Thank you Tim and all the folks and The Movers Choice.