When searching for an office mover you’ll be inundated by hundreds of options at the stroke of a key.I have found that many “office moving companies” are simply independent contractors that have access to a truck and inexperienced labour.

A reputable office mover will offer following:

Brick and Mortar: All reputable office movers will have a warehouse where they can store your goods if required or receive and cross dock any new furniture or equipment for your relocation.

Fleet of trucks: Although many office moving firms will rent trucks during peak times of the month, every reputable and sizable firm will own its own fleet of trucks.

Expertise: Experience is key, which is why reputable office movers will employee professional estimators, project managers, move supervisors, installation supervisors, truck drivers, professional furniture installers and movers. Trained and certified furniture installers are key to any office relocation. Trained installers will dismantle and reassemble your office furniture to manufacturer specifications and blue prints.

Equipment: Not all moves are the same. Office relocations require specialized equipment such as PC Carts, open bins, panel carts and flat dollies. This specialized equipment will the reduce the possibility of potential damages getting you and your staff back up and working in a timely manner.

Free Quotes: All reputable office movers will offer free quotes based on a scope of work which will include packing materials, labels and plastic moving containers. Hourly rates for crews and trucks are mostly utilized by residential movers.

Insurance and WSIB: AVOID damage and injury liabilities by hiring a mover that will supply a WSIB clearance certificate  and liability insurance certificate. Industry standard for Insurance would require an umbrella policy with up to $10 Million coverage and a current WSIB clearance form will ensure that the company is in good standing with the Safety Insurance Board.